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Konnichiwa minna-san! 

This is Yuki, or I prefer to be called the DarkMagician. This is to inform everyone that my old page: http://darkmagician.page.ph is no longer active. I only have asianfanfics and livejournal for my fanfics, do visit if you have the time. I will still do reviews for animes and mangas I’ve read if I have the time. ^^

Suggestions and comments are accepted (I’m still new at this but I’m trying my best). 

Doomo Arigatou Gozaimasu!  I’ll see you there!


Feel the force of Gravity

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konnichiwa minna-san!!!!

Its time for another anime review from yours truly! I know that I am not the best when it comes to anime reviews but hey, I still give it enough justice. To those who loves the reviews I make, doomo arigatou gozaimasu. To those who doesn’t, I respect your opinions so please respect mine.As I have mentioned before, I am a yaoi fangirl. And because of that, I’ll be reviewing one of my favorite yaoi anime.

Love is something that cannot be forecasted or stopped. No one has the power to stop once it has begun and so on and so forth. This time, we’ll test the power of Gravity. Gravitation is based from a manga and anime made by Maki Murakami dated 2004. The story revolves around the aspiring singer Shuichi Shindou, his road to success as the lead singer of Bad Luck and his struggles to keep true love. Why keep you ask? That is because Shuichi have already found the love of his life (or so he thinks so). The love of his life is none other than the gorgeous romance novelist, Eiri Yuki (Uesugi Eiri in real life). As I have mentioned earlier, Shuichi is the lead vocalist of the band Bad Luck with his best friend Hiro Nakano. He aspires to be like his idol, Ryuichi Sakuma, the lead vocalist of Nittle Grasper which disbanded years ago. His life had been focused on attaining his goal, that was before his written lyrics was flown and caught by his Yuki who called him brat with ZERO talent. Then the real plot begins!

I’ll introduce the main characters: First, we have Shuichi Shindou. As mentioned earlier, he is an aspiring singer who idolizes the lead vocalist Ryuichi Sakuma of Nittle Grasper. Sakuma-san had been his idol since he was young, knew all his songs and even copied his hairstyle! A very energetic (and I mean very…) and happy person. He does not see the bad in anyone and anything (which is probably why he is still with Eiri). He loves strawberry pocky and he owns a rabbit similar to Ryuichi’s Kumagoro.  Next we have the man with an angelic face and extremely bad personality (well, that’s what he shows everyone), Uesugi Eiri. Uesugi Eiri (widely known as Yuki Eiri) is a famous romance novelist. He loves drinking beer and smoking cigarettes, those are his staple food. Eiri has an older sister and a younger brother: Mika, is Tohma Seguchi’s wife (Nittle Grasper’s keyboardist and manager of NG records) and Tatsuha (a monk and had always had this huge crush on Ryuichi Sakuma). Eiri is a certified workaholic and he calls Shu-chan “brat”.


More or less, the storyline is surprisingly good. At first, it may seem the typical “love at first sight” thingy but it actually has a deeper aspect that would come out at the middle part of the story. The characters compliment each other, ones weakness is the other ones strength which is good for the story. Though Shuichi may seem too dumb for his own good and Eiri is too cruel at times but if I may say so, I think that those helped develop their character in the story which is a good thing.Now, its my favorite part. Let’s evaluate the music from Gravitation. Since its a story about singers and bands, of course there would be music! Duh?! Just kidding. 🙂 More or less, the songs on the anime are upbeat and catchy but the album is for a different discussion. Let’s start with the opening theme, Superdrive performed by Sakanoue Yousuke. A quite energetic introduction eh? The ending song, Glaring dream was performed by Kinya Kotani (the singing voice of Shuichi Shindou). The songs performed by Bad Luck (Shuichi Shindou) was sung by Kinya Kotani and the songs performed by Nittle Grasper (Ryuichi Sakuma) was sung by Kenichi Ito & Daichi Kuroda. Bad Luck’s carrier single was Rage beat, followed by Blind Game Again, which they shot a music video for. Nittle Grasper’s songs featured in the anime are Shining Collection and my ever favorite Sleepless Beauty (there’s even a part where Ryuichi sung an acapella version).

Whew! another long one… Anyway, just to reiterate. This anime is yaoi, that means there are explicit suggestions of boy to boy love. If you are not really a yaoi fan, you might give this a second thought (with the kisses and other suggestions). But I would assure you that this is a beautiful story with bishies all over the place. So if you are a bishie lover like me and you are a sucker for good storyline and soulful music, then check this one out.



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Just yesterday, we went to SM Megamall to have an all day driving spree… 🙂 I spent like 200 plus bucks just to experience the thrill of all day racing. Me and my silver bullet (that’s what I call my silver FD cos I dont wanna call it George or something) had been having the time of our lives. Well, maybe me but not bullet cause it had been banging the walls and the guard rails.

The Akagi and Akina courses were simply gorgeous but the Irohazaka course is the best. The corners are steeper and the space to move is simply small… I had to really hold the steering wheel tighter just so I could get around the corners. It is a bit convenient that bullet is in AT mode cause I did not have to worry about changing the gears.

It was hard but I felt the thrill. The excitement of possibly conquering a course that no one finishes that easy. If I can do it with bullet, I would. Though when I fought against Mako and Saiyuki on Myogi, Keisuke Takahashi (my love.. hehehe) and Ryousuke Takahashi on Akagi, I felt the need for a faster car. And as Bunta Fujiwara had said, when you felt that your speed is not enough then its time to get a new one. 🙂

I would be purchasing my own black Subaru Impreza WRX-STi Version V Type R (GC8V) the next time we race. I felt that the MT Imprezza would have the speed that I need for the uphill and downhill races against the Takahashis. Its not that I dont love bullet, I do. Its just that it’s not configured properly yet.

I would still use bullet to defeat Kyoko Iwase. We are both using FD’s so we are on the same level. That would be my next target. To defeat Kyoko Iwase on Akina! You may call it a personal grudge against Kyoko but more or less I wanted to show that my AT FD can beat a manual FD in an uphill race. I may not be a professional racer (in fact, I don’t know how to drive at all and in my head as long as it runs fast, then the car’s okay) but I am trying my best and I know that counts well at least for me it does. 🙂

racing the initial D way

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weeee!!! Sumimasen… this is not one of my usual reviews…. just wanna share something.

I have mentioned here in my blog that I was able to play Initial D 4 at the Gateway mall just yesterday 🙂

Luck has it, I was able to finish the Lake Akina course (Easy) and 2 players on the Myogi course, Kenji (RPS13) = Uphill, Dry, Day and Shingo Shoji (EG6) = Downhill, Dry, Day. I will be trying my luck on the next 2 battles though I know it will not be a piece of cake. But I will try. 🙂

I have been teased because I am using an Automatic Transmission FD car and I do not use brakes. But then I never learned how to drive so I couldn’t really tell the difference. 😦 However, I intend to learn how to drive a manual though not so soon cause I dont have the time and I know I can’t do it now. For personal reasons.

I intend to finish the course be it straight roads or curvy slopes. I’ll do this. I can do it… For the sake of my pride and Keisuke. I know he’s ink and paper but he’s soooo cute… can’t help myself. Gomen nasai…


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As the title suggests, this anime review is Gakuen Alice (Alice Academy). No, its not a gilr’s name. This story circulates on 10 year old Mikan Sakura, a bubbly and friendly girl who wishes to be with her bestfriend Hotaru Imai. Hotaru had been accepted on a school for geniuses and had to leave their town which devasted Mikan and made her decide to leave his Grandpa. Later on, Mikan was able to get into the school with the help of Narumi-sensei. Later in the series, she meets two of the best students in the academy: Natsume Hyuuga and Ruka Nogi (also called Ruka-Pyon by mikan and Hotaru). Then the School rumble begins. 🙂

Let me introduce the characters. First, we have the main person, Mikan Sakura. As I have mentioned, Mikan is a hyper and very friendly girl. She has the Alice of Nullification which means that no one can use their alices when she’s around and the Stealing Alice which is why the administrators of the school are wary of her. As an added information, Mikan means Citrus Fruit and Sakura means cherry blossoms. So literally, her name means Cherry blossom fruit. hehehe. Just kidding. 🙂

Now comes the girl with the Invention Alice, Hotaru Imai. She is Mikan’s bestfriend since they were kids. The reason why Mikan left her hometown and searched for the Alice Academy. She seems cold hearted at first but she loves Mikan just as much as Mikan loves her. Her special affections towards Mikan shows when she protects her against other students with Alices and when she chose Mikan as her dance partner. She has an older brother who also studies in the academy, however, he does not seem to even acknowledge Hotaru as his younger sister. 😦

Next up is Natsume Hyuuga. He, as far as I’m concerned is Mikan’s Love interest. Though there are no direct inclinations that they are except for Natsume teasing Mikan and his being jealous when she’s with someone else (they are still kids anyway so there’s no rush). Natsume has the Alice of Fire, one of the most dangerous alices there is and because of that he wears an earring to control his power. Mysterious and aloof except to Ruka Nogi who seems to be his closest friend. With that attitude and his boyish looks, he sure is the academy’s hearthrob. There was no mention of his family except that he was said to have caused the fire on his home when he was younger.

Now, the person with my favorite Alice, Ruka Nogi! Also known as Ruka-pyo to Mikan and Hotaru. This blonde cutie has the animal pheromone alice. He would normally be seen holding his rabbit and he wants to become a veterinarian someday (typical isnt it?). Normally calm and sweet, he knows how to love and take care of his friends. Later on, there was a different side of Ruka that will come out. If you want to know what that side is, watch the series (hehehe..that’s how it works!). He also has a liking for our main protagonist Mikan which was obvious when he dreamt of having a future with Natsume and Mikan.

Last but definitely not the least. Narumi-sensei is a bishounen with the human pheromone alice, he can control a person to do his bidding. He assisted Mikan into getting in the academy. He seems to be Mikan’s father or grandfather figure on the academy. I have read in some other references that Narumi had something for Mikan’s mother though both Mikan’s parents were not mentioned at all.

Now, the story in itself is nice. It has lots of comedy, a tinge of drama and a tinge of action. I love how the characters were made to act and how things turned out. Though I wish it was at least determined towards the end who Mikan loves the most, aside from Hotaru that is.

The theme songs are also some of the best I’ve heard. From the catchy opening theme “Pikapika no Taiyou” to the mellow ending song “Shiawase No Niji”.

Wow! this was a loooong one. If you are for light romance and comedy, im sure you will enjoy this anime.

Meet the Knight Rider

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Guess what!!! I was able to watch the latest Knight Rider movie. I was really really excited about that. Although I only watched an ity bity part, it was enough to have a good look at that beautiful car.

It’s beautiful, isn’t it? Heck, if I have the money I’ll buy one! But I don’t so I’ll just my fill. This Knight Rider has 3 forms, same as the original car. Those are the ordinary type (colored silver), the black one and the super mode (also black).

I have been a car fanatic ever since I was a kid. For a little girl, it isn’t really common to have lots of little matchbox cars for a collection right? But since my cousins have ’em I thought it was pretty normal. Hahahahaha.

I’ll try to watch the movie this weekend but until then I’ll just dream of it. :p

Special thanks to the friend who showed me the Knight Rider movie. Doomo Arigatou Gozaimasu!


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this is not really part of my usual unwanted reviews 🙂

Well, yesterday I got to play ID4 on the Gateway mall in Cubao… That definitely takes the cake I tell you! I have never been good at driving (im bad with steering)  but for some reason I managed to finish. Well, maybe not the best but at least I managed to win. 🙂

I have always loved Initial D, the cars, the race, the drift techniques and Keisuke Takahashi!!! *AAAAAHHH* ahem… ahem.. This was the car I used during the race:    

Cool huh? Just imagine how it looked after I bumped the poor thing left and right. I am really sorry cause I don’t drive well. If I do, this little baby wont have a scratch at all. 😦

Anyhow, my friend thought I drove like a madman. I suppose I do, cause the only thing on my mind is to win and be ahead whatever it takes. I would not readily admit that to her, so please don’t tell kay?

I have just cleared Lake Akina and I’m moving on to Myogi to challenge Kenji (My bad! thanks to Shindai for reminding me… I forgot who he is… hahahaha). I hope somehow I can make it work out. The course is much harder and the corners are a little steeper than before. I might have to drift my car. How? I don’t know how to answer that. But I’ll have to manage cause I want to prove that I am not just someone who watches Initial D cars drift. I can do it too… Ganbatte yo!!!!