Feel the force of Gravity

konnichiwa minna-san!!!!

Its time for another anime review from yours truly! I know that I am not the best when it comes to anime reviews but hey, I still give it enough justice. To those who loves the reviews I make, doomo arigatou gozaimasu. To those who doesn’t, I respect your opinions so please respect mine.As I have mentioned before, I am a yaoi fangirl. And because of that, I’ll be reviewing one of my favorite yaoi anime.

Love is something that cannot be forecasted or stopped. No one has the power to stop once it has begun and so on and so forth. This time, we’ll test the power of Gravity. Gravitation is based from a manga and anime made by Maki Murakami dated 2004. The story revolves around the aspiring singer Shuichi Shindou, his road to success as the lead singer of Bad Luck and his struggles to keep true love. Why keep you ask? That is because Shuichi have already found the love of his life (or so he thinks so). The love of his life is none other than the gorgeous romance novelist, Eiri Yuki (Uesugi Eiri in real life). As I have mentioned earlier, Shuichi is the lead vocalist of the band Bad Luck with his best friend Hiro Nakano. He aspires to be like his idol, Ryuichi Sakuma, the lead vocalist of Nittle Grasper which disbanded years ago. His life had been focused on attaining his goal, that was before his written lyrics was flown and caught by his Yuki who called him brat with ZERO talent. Then the real plot begins!

I’ll introduce the main characters: First, we have Shuichi Shindou. As mentioned earlier, he is an aspiring singer who idolizes the lead vocalist Ryuichi Sakuma of Nittle Grasper. Sakuma-san had been his idol since he was young, knew all his songs and even copied his hairstyle! A very energetic (and I mean very…) and happy person. He does not see the bad in anyone and anything (which is probably why he is still with Eiri). He loves strawberry pocky and he owns a rabbit similar to Ryuichi’s Kumagoro.  Next we have the man with an angelic face and extremely bad personality (well, that’s what he shows everyone), Uesugi Eiri. Uesugi Eiri (widely known as Yuki Eiri) is a famous romance novelist. He loves drinking beer and smoking cigarettes, those are his staple food. Eiri has an older sister and a younger brother: Mika, is Tohma Seguchi’s wife (Nittle Grasper’s keyboardist and manager of NG records) and Tatsuha (a monk and had always had this huge crush on Ryuichi Sakuma). Eiri is a certified workaholic and he calls Shu-chan “brat”.


More or less, the storyline is surprisingly good. At first, it may seem the typical “love at first sight” thingy but it actually has a deeper aspect that would come out at the middle part of the story. The characters compliment each other, ones weakness is the other ones strength which is good for the story. Though Shuichi may seem too dumb for his own good and Eiri is too cruel at times but if I may say so, I think that those helped develop their character in the story which is a good thing.Now, its my favorite part. Let’s evaluate the music from Gravitation. Since its a story about singers and bands, of course there would be music! Duh?! Just kidding. 🙂 More or less, the songs on the anime are upbeat and catchy but the album is for a different discussion. Let’s start with the opening theme, Superdrive performed by Sakanoue Yousuke. A quite energetic introduction eh? The ending song, Glaring dream was performed by Kinya Kotani (the singing voice of Shuichi Shindou). The songs performed by Bad Luck (Shuichi Shindou) was sung by Kinya Kotani and the songs performed by Nittle Grasper (Ryuichi Sakuma) was sung by Kenichi Ito & Daichi Kuroda. Bad Luck’s carrier single was Rage beat, followed by Blind Game Again, which they shot a music video for. Nittle Grasper’s songs featured in the anime are Shining Collection and my ever favorite Sleepless Beauty (there’s even a part where Ryuichi sung an acapella version).

Whew! another long one… Anyway, just to reiterate. This anime is yaoi, that means there are explicit suggestions of boy to boy love. If you are not really a yaoi fan, you might give this a second thought (with the kisses and other suggestions). But I would assure you that this is a beautiful story with bishies all over the place. So if you are a bishie lover like me and you are a sucker for good storyline and soulful music, then check this one out.



~ by darkmagician on March 20, 2008.

6 Responses to “Feel the force of Gravity”

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  2. […] darkmagician wrote an interesting post today on Feel the force of GravityHere’s a quick excerptBad Luck’s carrier single was Rage beat, followed by Blind Game Again, which they shot a music video for. Nittle Grasper’s songs featured in the anime are Shining Collection and my ever favorite Sleepless Beauty (there’s even a part … […]

  3. You should check out the manga. My sis who’s read it found the anime a little disappointing and lacking a lot of elements left out from the manga.

  4. I myself think that the anime is a little short. But I have yet to have the manga so I’ll reserve my judgement until then. 🙂

  5. great review i think i will check out that anime next thanks!

  6. thank you for commenting! It is a great anime and I hope you enjoy it as much as I did 🙂

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