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I have been a fan of Yaoi for some time now and I thought of trying Yuri. Out of curiousity and also because I’ve read that they have some of the best stories. Which I have proven when I watched Loveless and Gakuen Heaven. And I decided to give Yuri a chance.

To explain a little about Yuri, also known by the wasei-eigo construction as Girls Love (garuzu rabu?),[3] is a Japanese jargon term for content involving love between women in anime, manga, and related Japanese media.[4] Yuri can focus either on the sexual or the emotional aspects of the relationship, the latter sometimes being called shojo-ai by western fans.[5] (according to Wikipedia)

As of last night, I was able to watch my first Yuri Anime. That is, Strawberry Panic. When I initially watched the anime, I was thinking it may just be a typical love story but it is not. The story begins when Aoi Nagisa transfer to St. Miator school, when the current Etoile Hanazono Shizuma (representative for the 3 schools) took an instant interest to her. Much to Nagisa’s shock and confusion. Transferring to an all girls school and losing the capacity to move everytime you make an eye contact with a beautiful girl, who wouldn’t be surprised?

Let me explain the environment first, there are three schools (sister schools with different expertise) whose students are living in one dorm, the Astrea dormitory also known as the Strawberry dorm. The schools are distincted by the design and color of their uniforms. St. Miator’s Girls’ Academy are recognizable by their black dress with lace collar and cuffs.  St. Spica’s Girls’ Institute has its students wearing a white coat and white short pencil cut skirt plus a brown ribbon. St. Lulim’s Girl’s School with their pink blouse and short skirt. Out of the three schools, St. Miator and St. Spica had always been rivals in everything. From academics to choosing the Etoile.

The Etoile, a pair of girls that serve as the representative for all three schools. They are, aside from the Student Council, the primary face of the schools to outside and to all the students. They are mostly the pride of everyone, senseis and students. And the Etoile are  chosen through a special Etoile election.

While you are watching the series, you may ask: “why is there only 1 Etoile when you have just mentioned that it should be a pair?”. That, my dear, is one of the mysteries you have to watch out for. Hey, don’t call me mean. The thrill of finding out why would give you something to look out for. 🙂

As I have said earlier, the focus of the anime is shoujo-ai (girl to girl love). It focuses on two main love teams, Nagisa and Shizuma (St. Miator’s) & HIkari and Amane (St. Spica). If you are not into girls love, I suggest you think twice before watching. Although there are no direct scenes of lovemaking, there are still some heavy implications of sexual activity between the girls.

Let’s talk about the songs, the opening songs (yes, there are 2 opening and 2 ending songs), the opening songs are Shōjo Meiro de Tsukamaete and Kuchibiru Daydream both by Aki Misato. Aki Misato’s beautiful voice gave justice to both these songs while the Himitsu dolls gave the ending songs an equally intriguing video, be sure to watch out for those, the ending songs are Kajitsuteki Borderline and Ichigo Tsumi Monogatari.

Whew! That was a long one! For those who likes Yuri, go ahead and try watching this anime. If you’re looking for a good story, give this a whirl. I’m sure its worth your time.


Norse God anyone?

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Next up, is the anime Matantei Loki Ragnarok (Mythical Detective Loki). This is the type of anime that also has some history as its background. The characters are based on Norse Mythology with their corresponding characters.

The story begins when the Trickster God Loki was thrown to earth in the body of a child. He, with his pal Yamino (his true identity will reveal later in the series) runs the Enjaku Detective agency. The agency investigates paranormal events and of course kills the evil spirits.

The storyline is not the typical anime story you encounter everyday. The references to the Norse Mythology gives you something to learn although after some research I have proven that not everything are exactly the same as their mythological counterparts. Though the story kept me on my feet coz its not easy to guess what would happen next, that’s a good thing right? The only disadvantage to this is that if you are not aware of Norse Mythology or if Gods and Goddesses aren’t your thing, it wont be easy for you to relate or understand. (my brother tried to watch it and he wasnt able to finish, he said it makes his nose bleed. x3)

The Gods’ powers are cool though I like the Goddess Freya’s power to make steel basins fall from the sky (>.<). She tends to show this power when her brother Freyr is around. Thor’s mojllini really exudes his strength and the Heimdall’s hawks are really scary. But I looovvveee Loki’s staff! Its a staff the shape of a crescent moon and his special skills are cool too..

The characters are all eye candy. From Freyr to the goddess Freya, the goddesses of Fate to the Ningen detective Mayura. The kid Loki who can make any woman regardless of age giggle because of his cuteness to the grown up God Loki who can make any woman lose their panties. See what I mean?

All in all, its a great anime. Even the songs included on the series are really good.
I give this 4 out of 5 stars. Those who like the supernatural and paranormal, go ahead and explore the world of the Norse Gods.

A girl and his seven knights

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After months and months of finding, watching and critically looking at anime… i’ll give some more or my unwanted reviews. Hehehe… well, some may refer to them.

Let’s see… Next is the anime, Pretear. I know that I might have given an impression of being a yaoi fangirl which I really am by the way but of course, an anime addict means loving all anime that comes in various shapes and sizes. 🙂

Pretear started with a girl named Himeno, she’s a simple person who smiles a lot and looks at the world in a very nice perspective. Her father, an artist if I remember correctly, had just remarried a rich widower with a daughter the same age as Himeno. Think life’s easier for her? think again! Struggling to remain her identity to cope with her new lifestyle plus trying to be close to her new sister (who does not like her by the way), who would say living the rich life is easy?

If that does not take the cake, then comes 7 handsome men (and boys) who claims that she is the Pretear. The WHAT you say? A pretear is a person (a girl normally) who can mold with one of the designated knights and be a warrior… sounds cool?  Let’s just say you fight with monster thingies that suck your life source… now, what do you think?

If you’re looking for an anime with fighting scenes, character transformation and lots of pretty guys then this anime is for you.

The fight scenes are flawless, each knight has his own unique element and a unique, fashionable dress for pretty Himeno. The characters are eye candies plus the love story of Himeno and Hayate would put you at the edge of your seat.

Plus the opening and ending songs are cool…

If you have the time, be sure to check this one out.

Go kyou!

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Three months ago, I was introduced to the very interesting world of yaoi. That is through the anime Kyou Kara Maou, I admit being interested because of the number of bishounens (pretty boys) present in the anime… Being an admitted animaholic, I gave it a try. Surprisingly, it was more than my expectation. The story was good, the characters were definitely interesting and it kept me at the edge of my seat. 🙂

Yuuri was an ordinary japanese boy living an ordinary life when he was flushed in a toilet (bad bullies!!). When he came to, he was in a different world where people are wearing medieval looking clothes. You could imagine how he would have felt at that moment. Whew! I would not give the other details, watch the story and know the ending. 😉

Though my favorite character is not Yuuri but the spoiled brat yet very loving Prince Wolfram von Bielefeld. He’s the third son of the last Maou and current fiancee of Maou Yuuri Shibuya. He has such expressive eyes (emerald) which shows whether he’s angry, scared, happy or in love. Especially if hes looking at Yuuri, of course he wont tell him that. 😉

Jeez, he just looks like an ethereal being! ( excuse my fangirl moment) I understand where he comes from so I would not say hes just a brat. He’s just misunderstood, but of course that’s just my opinion. Go Wolfram fans!!!! 🙂